Bluetooth is optional but should be standard on this class of machine. The touch pad buttons are tight and responsive. Time Required 15 – 30 minutes. Toshiba Portege M right side view larger image. There you should find a label with WLan card part number! Toshiba Portege M Troubleshooting Contents Laptop does not turn on Make sure the battery is properly inserted Dead battery Check your RAM My laptop turns on, but the display is not showing anything Make sure your computer is turning on Check Motherboard Computer turns on, but doesn’t boot the operating system Begin by restarting the computer You may need to replace the hard drive My keyboard doesn’t work You may need to install a new keyboard My WiFi doesn’t work Make sure the hardware WiFi switch is turned on You may need to replace the wireless card Battery Dies Quickly Battery hasn’t been charged. If you power on the computer and the display is black, make sure the computer is booting up.

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I did not complete this guide. Author with 7 other contributors. It is a nice conservative look, but I preferred the single hinge clamshell design Toshiba used a couple of years ago. Alison Wendt Member since: Use a Phillips 1 screwdriver to remove the two screws on opposite corners of the wireless card. Therefore other Centrino based laptops will have this feature standard as well. Slide the lock on the right side to the unlock position until there is a clicking sound.

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Toshiba Portege M300 Wireless Card Replacement

I will elaborate on the specific technologies a bit more as the review unfolds, but to summarize EasyGuard consists of: By taking up a bit too many resources as it runs in the background, this utility may have outstayed its welcome. This is a screen that you can look at all day without developing sore eyes.

ttoshiba All says ok in device man In the past, ConfigFree would quietly monitor things such as wired and wireless network connections from Windows system tray. My other units are ok.

If you porfege to play games with this laptop my advice would be to stick with two-dimensional games — or even better pick-up a Sony PSP or Nintendo DS and keep it in your laptop bag along with the M Viewing the LCD screen is easy on the eyes. The moment the system senses a movement you will get a pop-up notice you can turn off notification. Step 4 Wireless Card.

Drivers For Free – Toshiba Portege M Wireless Network Drivers

If the problem persists, see below. The convenience of Bluetooth for a traveler cannot be over-stated. Fast infrared is included and is a good fallback option if nothing else is available.

But not every consumer is obsessed with the race to zero. EasyGuard technologies for the most part represent real value.

Toshiba Portege M300 Troubleshooting

If some of your keys have broken off, or poortege are simply not working, you may need to install a new keyboard. It is not managed by iFixit staff. You’ll need to replace the wireless card in order for it to work properly.


Alison Wendt and 7 other contributors. Markup Mishap This guide needs better markups. Hello I have reloaded my Portege M and I have been to the drivers page for the m For marketing purposes these features have been grouped together as the Toshiba EasyGuard Elements.

Each corner of the M base is extended to create something similar to a crumple zone — the idea being that extra material will prevent sensitive internal components from being crushed in the case of a fall.

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And please when you answer tell me how you just know? Even though it is quite good, I was surprised by how potege the keyboard flexes during typing. From what I can tell, it seems to be a user installable upgrade.

Toshiba Portege M view larger image.

There are also a series of rubber grommets around the frame of the LCD that are meant to protect the LCD from impacts and forces that could cause it to crack.