Exceptional value for money for the FW motor. It can handle 32 tracks on cubase moving from one bank to another. The Tascam FW is a digital mixer and audio interface combined. However, considering this price and the overall make up of the unit, I would imagine that users aren’t looking for the world when it comes to the pres. The book and online documentation still exists and is reasonably easy to follow. They come through pretty clear, but they are bit too transparent and lack the depth that I would look for in a set of good pres.

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Tascam FW | Downloads

I’ll tell you more No noise Automation of the 9 faders blameless Everything works perfectly with the supplied Cubase. The control surface is very complete I regret a few incompatibilities with SX but quibble a bit, there are ways to control it all The connection is sufficient for a home studio application.

Fe Anyway, a channel strip plugged into spdif overcomes the problem at a lower cost I’ll miss it when I can get an upgrade. Complete connectivity for use in home studio: For my part, I can not implement the EQ Tascam deconseille this kind of connection, in fact we eprofite spas n d ela full band firewire, and probably only for seesions heavy, it could be a problem I regret the number of exits but it can easily create an effects loop with spdif.

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There is a three band assignable EQ built in, which can be applied to any of the channels, as well as built in panning. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Very easy to use, all naturally. The value for money seems excellent.

TASCAM Fw-1082 FireWire Control Surface & Interface FW1082

Tasam stereo output, a Phantom for 4 inputs or nothing, One guitar input. They come through pretty clear, but they are bit too transparent and lack the depth that I would look for in a set of good pres.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. The thing was pretty much designed for logic and final cut pro seeing as its native mode is the default midi preset for both.

Automation in cubase be sfacile to install, ditto in logic and final cut. Before you cry foul, I tried it with a laptop.

The interface and DAC worked great. Even when it lacks a tutorial documentation that these only explain the functionality of diffrent keys. I definitely would buy this product. It physically connects the input to tascma The great happiness: It allows us to do our rehearsals in near silence in the apartment poorly soundproofed.

Still functional so long as you boot into os x lion with 32 bit compatibility on holding 3 and 2 down during boot up. Pro tools for the control passes through the fire wire even if you do not use the audio interface.

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However, the typical function are right in front of your face and easily accessible. The interest is a soundcard which tawcam surface and MIDI inteface, there is also the number of entries: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Chez Moi refuses any other ring road on the firewire port, and it is better to light the tascam before the PC for it to be recognized. Although it have the width of a rack unit, rack ell t is not on.

Product: FW | TASCAM

Unless you’re a beginner with interfaces and mixers, I think everything can be figured out on its on for the most part without the use of a manual, but it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have it around anyway. Today’s Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers. The SM57 connected to our input 1 is a little weak by design can give a false impression of low quality preamps.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. L while walking at first. Connections are easy, implementing clear and well explained in the manual.