Steinberg has released Windows 7 drivers for Midex 8 and Midex 3: I love my hardware. Windows 98 owners will need to upgrade to Windows 98SE. I’m sure many musicians will agree with their priorities, but reading between the lines I suspect Steinberg may still manage this with a future driver release. Page 1 of 2. The important thing is that until this happens, Cubase users will find that the Midex 8 keeps their timing far more solid than any other MIDI interface.

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Of course, the MIDI protocol itself still limits the density of data that can be transmitted successfully, and when I continued adding tracks full of aftertouch, pitch-bend and other controller data I could still eventually choke the Midex 8 to the point where it spat out notes with almost random timing, just like any other interface.

Steinberg offers a range of products at special education pricing for facilities, educators and students.

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Ah, this is quite wonderful!! However, after this excellent timing performance, I was disappointed to find that the current Midex 8 drivers are not multi-client, at least not when using the standard Windows MME driver interface. New Reply Thread Tools.

Still got mine in the back of a rack!!!! Bet their price will go up again now I don’t use any Steinberg products but this is an awesome move on their part. I’m seinberg many musicians will agree with their priorities, but reading between the lines I suspect Steinberg may still manage this with a future driver release. Multiple Midex 8 devices can only be currently run under Windows ME.


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Originally Posted by Marbarbaar. Remove this ad forever by registering! Subscribe to our Newsletter. I still got my midex8, was very close to selling it, now the miracle has happened. For those we have lost. I’ll chalk this one up as a karma plus thing. This will let you use the interface without powering up your computer, which could be useful on occasion.

Current PC drivers not multi-client. Then a high-resolution clock inside the MIDI interface sends the time-stamped data out at exactly the right time. That’s MIDI for you. If you run out of suitable ports and want to use a USB hub to provide more, make sure you buy a self-powered one, and that each of its ports can provide more than the mA required by each Midex 8.

I had no problems at all using the Midex 8, and the timing certainly sounded very tight — but is it actually better than a standard MIDI interface? Holding both buttons down for several seconds causes a full reset, equivalent to unplugging the Midex 8 from USB. Once the drivers have been installed, any standard MIDI application can use the Midex 8 in the normal way.

Rock-solid sub-millisecond timing that bypasses USB and operating-system uncertainties. As long as enough data is sent in advance even in fits and starts to keep steinberv buffer topped up, the AMT8, Midex 8, or Unitor 8 will be able to carry on with perfect precision.

The problem with the contenders is that nothing is really as good as a midex8. A three-metre-long USB cable is steingerg supplied, which should be adequate for most studios.


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Currently there are only two such applications: The Midex 8’s timing also seemed fairly consistent as I loaded the other ports steiberg MIDI data, while that of standard multi-port devices tended to get worse as more and more data was sent to them. Thanks for the great news!

There is no technical support available for these releases. Why the hell are they not able to communicate I have a load of midi keybaords and modules and I’m not getting rid of any of it.

So, I love that they’ve done this, I’m happy for the sake of the environment no Midexes going to the landfills yetand I’m happy for those still having their boxes, Each beat of the VST Instrument is sample-accurate, and will emerge every mS tseinberg samples apart, so if you record the two audio signals into a stereo audio track, any MIDI timing discrepancy can be measured by examining the relative positions of the sample-accurate VST Instrument in the left channel and the MIDI drum source in the right channel of the waveform.

Unfortunately you will lose LTB support in the process — only when Cubase talks directly to the Midex 8 drivers do you get the improved timing.

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