During installation, SequeLink Server links to specific required database libraries. Navigate until you find the database you want to use as the data source and click OK. Provide the Oracle System Identifier that refers to the instance of the Oracle database running on the server. You can install a specific service for each database. If you are installing a licensed product, type the serial number and key provided to you by DataDirect Technologies.

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The initial default is SLAgent Provided by DataDirect Technologies for registered users. Execute the env command.

Valid values for the fields on this window can be determined using the Informix tool Setnet32, which can be accessed from the Informix program group. Open the contents of the Esquelink file into a directory for example: You must consult the log that is created during the installation see “Installation Log File” to determine whether the installation was successful and, if it failed, why it failed. Instructs the installer to create a log file of the sequelnik.

Expand the SequeLink 5. The installation is rolled back and no software is installed. After installing the Microsoft Windows Installer service, you might need to restart your sequelknk.


Testing the Connection 1.

Executing this shell script sets the following environment variables: It uses a common architecture and common functionality across its supported platforms, with only a few platform-specific differences. For the following third-party drivers we strongly advise you to use these wrappers:.

Instructs the installer to uninstall silently. If any of these components are missing, your SequeLink Server installation will fail and indicate the missing component. If this path contains spaces, you must use escape characters, as explained in “Command-Line Syntax”.

Installing SequeLink® Server on a Windows Server Platform

Navigate until you find the database you want to use as the data source and click Sequwlink. Click the Select button in the Database group box. If AutoRun for DVDs is enabled and you have a browser, the main installer window displays automatically. During installation, SequeLink Server links to specific required database libraries. Provide your company name.

Type your name and your company name in the appropriate fields. Informix Universal Database 9. Figure shows an example of a SequeLink configuration.

Configuring An ODBC Data Source Using DataDirect Sequelink Server

The v must be followed by a space, and then, by the path where you want the log file sdquelink, as well as the name of the log file. The amount of disk space that is required depends on the disk type.

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A window appears allowing you to browse and select an installation directory. Once you are connected, expand the SLSocket54 [active] branch as follows: DataDirect Technologies provides technical support to help you interpret the log file if you encounter problems. The size of log files depends on system use. If you have one SequeLink Server installed and you are replacing itperform the following actions before you start the installer: You should use the Remove option if you have a SequeLink Server installed and want to install the same SequeLink Server in a different location.

SequeLink Bridges for ODBC, JDBC, & OLEDB – DataDirect Connectivity

When the Welcome window appears, click Next to continue. Provide your Oracle version applies to bit machines only. The installation proceeds without any further user intervention or notification.

For a C shell, execute.

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