Just like in S3Quake some polygons have bright edges. When performing basic 3D-rendering with only texture mapping and no other advanced features, ViRGE’s pixel throughput was somewhat faster than the best software-optimized host-based CPU 3D-rendering of the era, and with better 16bpp color fidelity. There is little excuse for Z artifacts in Turok though. Modifying executable to lower resolution will let you play Populous: From the exclusive ones stands out one popular title:

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S3 embraced new opportunity and since offered many cores promising 3D acceleration for S3 prices. It is clocked at 52 MHz, which seems to be rather high for a VX. The price increased a lot for features not very valuable to gamers.

S3 Graphics Drivers – TechSpot

Wing Commander Prophecy does the same, but after warning at launch. There are some texturing tests where more memory makes significant difference, but in the real world the card does not benefit. This page was last edited on 10 Januaryat S3 really left Virge with big headroom.

The original vanilla Virtual Reality Graphics Engine established a line of 3D cores that were selling like hotcakes. From the exclusive ones stands out one popular title: Overall performance is horrible as expected. S3, along with other previously well-established VGA vendors in the PC market, were unable to adapt to the rapidly evolving PC 3D graphics market, being relegated to sell into market segments where 3D graphics functionality was unimportant.

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But we know the Virge is pretty weak chip, can it put higher bandwidth to good use? Sometime no detail reduction helped and Px just freezes.

For such a cheap and slow chip it is quite surprising to find it supports 24 bit depth 3d modes and 32 bit textures. To get more games working with 2 MB configuration I changed some settings, for example disabled Z-buffer in Battlezone.

Both cards are using Virge uni driver, which S3 still provides on their web. In February S3 organized S3d developer conference, hosting more than software and hardware developers. Introduced in by then graphics powerhouse S3, Inc.

Hard to say, 60 ns ain’t much, but the card just freezes before any vige appeares. Just like in S3Quake some polygons have bright edges.

The action was fast and simple, texture mapped graphics mind blowing and with an urgent feeling of witnessing technological innovation. Retrieved from ” https: Techland developed Crime Cities which came with wrappers for some graphics card without OpenGl support.

S3 Graphics

Tomb Raider 2 sometimes drops some textures even at x Also, don’t take the result of 3DMark 99 cp, different Virge chips have different problems with the benchmark. If the user is willing to sacrifice more performance 24 bit rendering is available and Incoming shows that in this mode, blending is done without artifacts.

Environment mapping is impossible with Virge, it causes artifacts of its own, so it is disabled in games like Ultimate Race Pro. S3d version can do for you bilinear texture filtering and perspective correction, other than that it does not really look better than SVGA mode and frame rate is too close to single digits. The complete list of problems would be too long, so to keep it related only to my benchmark suite, I will close it with few explanations.


Please remember my minimum FPS measurements are not very accurate, the values are low and Fraps is rounding them to whole number.

Anyone gotten an S3 Virge (86c325) to work under XP?

At least I hope it is not a hardware problem. Then there are games which automatically reduce texture resolution like Forsaken or Viper Racing, so better virgge look at screenshots, as the image quality may vary not only by texture memory installed, but also by memory management of different drivers.

Otherwise, if result for a particular game is missing, then it did not run with 2MB at all. Quake has few flashing textures as well plus some Z-artifacts on doors, but the S3 wrapper does not support first Virges anyway. STB Velocity 3D produces artifacts even after smallest push and they looks like chip errors, not memory.