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electromagnetic waves by rk shevgaonkar - pdf

Raghunath K. Shevgaonkar, Ph. D., Fellow IEEE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Department of Electrical Engineering, I.I.T. Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076, INDIA
Ex-Director, I.I.T. Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016, INDIA
Ex-Vice Chancellor, University of Pune, Pune, 411016, INDIA
Email: [email protected], Mobile: +91 9818001702

Fellow of IEEE and accomplished educational leader, able academic
administrator and institution builder. Director (same as President) of a top ranked
technology institute in India (IIT) and Vice Chancellor of one of the largest
comprehensive universities.
Innovative and inspiring teacher in electrical engineering through conventional as
well as electronic mode. Two times IEEE awardee for teaching and educational
leadership, and writer of a textbook with McGraw Hill Education, India.
Multi-faceted personality with research in diverse areas in electrical engineering
and physics, and comprehensive knowledge of Indian classical music.
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Indian Institute
of Astrophysics / Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, 1985

Major: Electrical Engineering
Support Area: Radio astronomy and Image Processing
Thesis title: “Maximum Entropy Restoration of Astronomical Images”
Thesis Supervisors: Prof. S. Mahapatra and Prof. Ch. V. Sastry
Master of Technology (M. Tech.) Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 1977

Major: Electrical Engineering
Specialization: specialization in Electromagnetics and Optical fibers
Dissertation title: “Propagation of light in an anisotropic optical fiber”
Dissertation Supervisor: Prof. Dilip K Paul
Highest GPA of 9.6/10 in the batch
Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) Jiwaji University, Gwalior, 1975.

Major: Electronics Engineering
Distinction: Gold Medal for securing top rank in the batch
Bachelor of Music (B. Mus. Diploma) Indira Kala Kheragadh Music University, 1975

Major: Hindustani Classical music
Specialization: Instrumental (Sitar)
Executive Development Program, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern
University, Chicago, USA, 2007.

Started a Centre on Cyber Systems and Information Assurance at IIT Delhi.
Established a Technology Department at University of Pune with an industry
oriented research focus.
Contribution made in wide areas like Radio Astronomy and Antennas, Fiber Optic
Communication, Image processing, and Distance Engineering Education.
A textbook on ‘Electromagnetic waves’ and a monograph on ‘Transmission lines’
published by McGraw Hill Education India.
Creation of e-content in Electromagnetics and transmission lines, and Optical
Design and development of a large Decameter Wave Radio Telescope at
Gauribidnur, India. It is one of the unique and largest low frequency radio
telescopes in the world.
Established a Centre for Distance Engineering Education Program (C-DEEP) at
IIT Bombay.
Development of image processing and data analysis software for low frequency
radio astronomy.
Study of the Sun from microwave observations using the largest radio telescope,
the Very Large Array at New Mexico.
Modeling and reconstruction of the 3-D structure of solar active regions and solar
flares, and estimation of the solar parameters.
Study of flare stars to establish non-thermal radiation during non-flaring periods.
Development of Maximum Entropy Image restoration algorithm for polarized
images of the Sun obtained with phase unstable aperture synthesis data.
Establishing an advanced Fiber Optic laboratory at IIT Bombay
Development of generalized framework for designing various types of optical
fibers like the ultra-low dispersion fibers, dispersion compensating fibers, large
effective area fibers etc.
Innovative idea of optically controlled semiconductor antennas.