For example, you may have a subject area for finance, one for supply chain, and one for sales. Meet the most beloved by end users all around the world tool – Excel. For example, if you have three repositories running on your Oracle BI Server, install three Presentation Services instances on three separate computers. Only, there is 2 ODBC branches in registry that you have to document, so there is the one you pointed out and this one with exactly the same content: For the statement regarding community is true power I could not agree more! After you complete these steps, copy the client certificate, client private key, and passphrase files for example, client-cert.

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Select and join the tables in the join area on the Tableau data source connection screen.

Working with OBIEE Data in Excel using ODBC

Enter the login ID and password corresponding to the database you selected and click OK. No matter this is a hand-made driver.

These libraries should go under bin folder. But luckily there is a small console utility which makes the task easier and more elegant – scripted. If you select this option, you must provide values for Login ID and Password.

Note that hosting multiple repositories on a single Oracle BI Server is not recommended for werver deployments. We use a fast and efficient way instead. Everything below is a result of our investigation. I tried to find the minimum viable set of the libraries. Especially 11y I just switched to Win 7 64 Bit.

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Working with OBIEE Data in Excel using ODBC

Or you may take the full bin folder. You may want to refine it, maybe remove some columns, or change aliases, or add a clause or two from the evil part’s documentation, but for the first step just take it and use it. The Secure Socket Layer Configuration dialog appears. Hi Oxbc, you just have to double click on the reg file if file ending is connected to regedit.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5. Does it make any registry changes apparently it does but what exactly? I need a small “thing” I can easily copy to any computer and then derver it. Registry Key And the last part is registry keys. This tool is very easy to use and very useful for finding a missing DLL. In this case the call is odbcconf.

In the screenshot below, the appropriate key fields have been added to the Sample Sales Lite subject area. Instead, you can create one regular connection that sends requests to the Presentation layer, and one connection that sends requests to the Physical layer.

I need to tell my Windows what is my driver name and what is its path and so on.


But what you can’t see in this picture is the data source for the table and charts. However, the translation and localization option that is provided with Oracle BI Presentation Services is not available.

And we can use it for our own needs. Here installdriver is the action and the long string is the set of parameters divided by. Then, enter the port number for the Secondary Controller in the appropriate Port field. Select the database for which you want to enter a user name and password and click Edit.

To configure SSL for this data source, supply the following additional parameters as appropriate for your SSL deployment:. Using a key field dimension will cause an error, so hiding these fields in the Dimensions pane is recommended. Create a Tableau data source customization. If needed, select Use Regional Settings when outputting dates oeacle times.

Hi Raghava, the files are uploaded as text files again. Then, enter the port number for the Primary Controller in the appropriate Port field.