The whitelist is specified in the Netprobe Setup File. If -ct is specified, the output will be echoed with a trailing comma, and no newline. Then select the appropriate Netprobe download and save the downloaded file. The variable should be set to the names of the trusted hosts, separated by commas. There are a number of other variables which can be set for debug or diagnostic purposes.

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The installer will have started it running as a service at the end of installation. Standard field dictionary distributed by Thomson Reuters that defines type or formatting information and directs the application on how to encode or decode specific pieces of information. Specifies the name of this Netprobe. Manually restart the service. Internal commands are commands which are provided and which affect the internal operations of the system. A clean and tidy computer is the key requirement for avoiding problems with netprobe.

Specifies the configuration details for the Managed Entity which will be created on the Gateway.


Security Task Manager displays all running Windows tasks, including embedded hidden processes, such as keyboard and browser monitoring or Autostart entries.

Yes, at least one Gateway must be configured.


A service will have been installed on the Windows machine. The following table is a summary of the contents of the Netprobe package according to platform. Only one Gateway should attempt to connect to each Netprobe. The maximum pacekt that can be set is Mb and the minimum is 1Mb.

When configuring the Probe and Samplers in the Gateway Setup Settingsjetprobe are a number of things to bear in mind when using a Netprobe on Windows:.

Toolkit plug-in script that calculates free disk space for all drives.

The following macro elements are supported: Overwhelming knowledge and expertise. The user may prefer netprobe packet run the Netprobe from the command line rather than as a service. The Gateway has reached its Self-Announcing Netprobe limit.

If the Message Tracker plug-in is being used, this writes a file in the Netprobe directory which ensures that no data is lost if the probe stops. If the default ssl certificate chain file is not used, then the file specified will be used in situ. The Linux version of netprkbe Netprobe depends on certain libraries to run. Having a properly documented schematic of your entire network and connections can also ensure you can ppacket issues in a systematic order when they arise.

No Variables reject reason Gateway will ignore these variables reporting an error in both gateway and probe logs. This should be a common directory across all machines. If the Netprobe software has been installed on a shared drive and is being run on more than one machine at thesame time, see Using a Shared Drive for important information regarding the setting of this variable.

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The script is passed the name of the. If the default ssl certificate chain file is used then it will be copied to the installation destination e. If you’re getting missing netprobe. Run the installer on the machine on which the Netprobe is to be netprobe packet.

Set this variable to “true” nftprobe disable the creation of core dump files if Netprobe crashes. Utility binary, used on Sun machines by bit Netprobes to obtain memory statistical information about bit processes.

What is netprobe?

Licence declarations for 3rd nerprobe software libraries used by Netprobe. Managed Entities can contain any number of attributes. All these libraries are usually present on bit versions.