Please refer to below link. After vibrating once, your Q-Watch will switch to Sleep mode. So you will see almost the same calorie consumption in the timeline of the Calorie chart. Manual Switch to Sleep mode: How to detect your heart rate correctly on the Q-Watch HR?

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Why there is no sleep record? When you get up after, please switch your Q-Watch to Daily mode to stopping record sleep. Then, please mobileactoon to the link below for the complete installation instruction Continue to Step 5: Please click ” Backup ” to upload your data to Google Drive or iCloud.

If the heart rate value is too high or mobileactiin low, please switch to other mode, and then switch back to Sports mode to scan the heart rate again. And it is usually less than 10 meters.

Mobile Action Bluetooth Adaptor MA – Mobile Accessories

If you are using iPhone, please skip to step4. And user should wear on the position of the capillary concentrated distribution area. The other mode will NOT connect: Pressurized or high velocity water jet may penetrate into the device. In the option of Heart Rate Sensor, vluetooth refer to instruction to wear Q-Watch HR, and select which mode you want to activate the optical sensor.


Moreover, due to human body block most radio waves, the distance of Bluetooth Wearable device would be change by the angle of mobile phone and body.

So you mobbileaction see almost the same calorie consumption in the timeline of the Calorie chart. Please click the button again to wake up your Q-Band.

If you want to record your sleep data, you must switch to Sleep mode on your Q-Watch when you are going to sleep. Please slide down the i-gotU Life app to lock gluetooth, so the i-gotU Life app could keep running in background without being cleared. You also can refer to the video to reset your Q-Watch device: Until you switch to “Daily mode” and make the connection between smart phone and Q-Watch device, the sleeping pattern data will be downloaded from Q-Watch, and then i-gotU Life app will analysis your sleeping pattern.

Mobile Action Bluetooth 2.0 Management Tool

All different kinds of files can be transferred to your phone or other Bluetooth device, depending on what the device supports. Please refer to the following steps or video to detect your heart rate correctly. Please open i-gotU Life app and click ” No, Not first time ” to proceed the installation.

Switch Q-Watch HR to Sports mode, it will need for mobileactionn seconds to scan, then will appear the heart rate value. If you can access the App, please click the icon at top left corner: Please refer to the following steps to backup and restore your i-gotU Life App data: How to set the Low Activity Alert: It might be not so accurate in the beginning.


Sleep pattern and quality was detected by the vibration extent and frequency of Q-Watch. Please refer to below link. Introduction So many Bluetooth adapters on the market today – which one is suited blurtooth your needs?

If sleep status is just detected when Q-Watch is stationary or less movement, inaccuracy would be increased. Please also check if you wear on the proper position and make sure Q-Watch HR is worm as tightly as possible on the wrist without any discomfort.

Please press and hold the button for 10 seconds. It would be more accurate. When you see the disconnect icon shown on the Q-Watch, please click the button again to reset your device settings.

It takes about 2 hours before it is fully charged.

The distance calculated by the GPS will be more accurate.