Had a tough time remembering which went where. So I doubt the motherboard is damaged. On top of that over time I have lost a couple of the screws. Do i need to replace this LCD? The latest Pavilion All-in-Ones are posher and more powerful. Did I hook something up wrong?

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As for me, I use usb audio card instead. It will look something like this: I dont have compressed air, I cjipset use a q-Tip. RAM is good because before it was working without no problems.

If i interprete this right, this indicates an empty battery. About 2 minutes ago it sayed my laptop dv was installing drivers for my webcam and than my webcam started working. If yes, probably the AC adapter works fine. This could be memory failure. Also, where the hell are speaker connectors?

I think it might be a software or windows problem. Best Buy quoted me an outrageous price for repair. If both network connections work fine in Ubuntu Linux but not in Windows, this is software related problem. Hello, My dv chipdet also failed. I just want to clean the fan and I have to remove nearly all the parts.


When i start it, it only lights up the blue lights ontop of kkeyboard and the cd-drive makes clicking sound all the time. IML Tech — Thanks so much fo these awesome directions.

Jp a no-go on the sound. If there is no sound in headphones, most likely your problem is not related to speakers. There is no data cable between the DVD drive and motherboard.

The problem now is whether or not the laptop will fry a new charger? This might help to release the switch and fix your problem. Even though the sound control board volume wheel and audio jacks is a separate unit, I believe the hcipset sound circuit is located on the motherboard and replacing or reconnecting the sound control board will not help.

HP Pavilion dv6700

HP knows about this problem and you can get a free repair from HP if your laptop qualify. If everything works fine in Ubuntu but not Windows, this could be software related.

I was able to replace the motherboard on my HP DV First of all, take a look in the device manager. Sirs, Thank you for the information. I messed one thig up: A while ago I took apart my DV as per your instructions. After I put the new motherboard in the laptop it is not powering up. Sounds like your DVD drive failed. In the step 3 you simply unsnap two antenna cables from the card with your fingernails.


If I do bake it, Should I leave the processor in? It still works, I just have to press it down twice as hard to get a click out of it.

HP Pavilion dv review – Engadget

I ask because the laptop in question has no sound coming out of the onboard speakers. While your full disassembly instructions are quite clear, I am wondering if there are any shortcuts that can be taken bp the only thing that one wants access to is the power board. It just keeps telling me not for this computer.