I understand the tour heads were cast softer to improve feel. My personal experience is limited with this club. Unless your slice is more than slight I would not try to correct it with this club. I picked up the r7 Draw, hit it well from the start, and my confidence off the tee has improved ten-fold. They have milled Speed Pockets and Face Slots.

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This driver really does what it claims to do unlike other golf equipment.

I have a set of R7 irons that I bought used. The season saw the introduction of the new R9 series. I started off with a Nike Ignite driver and a regular flex shaft — too whippy. My prob was always my slice off the tee. There is an R7 Draw for sale, but I hixtory just wondering. Nath Apr 29, at 4: I had never hit a drive even close to yards up to that point. A Tour Preferred version of the R7 Quad, and Superquad, supplied with a number of additional differently weighted cartridges for even more placement variations, non OEM shafts using models directly from the top shaft manufacturers such as Matrix, Fujikura, and Mitsubishi Rayoninstead of the ‘co-engineered’ models, and 1-degree open face, is or was also available.


TaylorMade r7 Draw Driver Review

I have a horrible slice on occasions with my 3-wood. Forum Thread of the Day: Released inthe Ti Bubble 2 irons used tungsten and copper weights to lower CG for a higher launch angle.

Frozen range balls were going around I lost two balls left unheard of prior to this club I had always played my banana by aiming 15 degrees left onj the tee. I am hitting the ball straighter and longer with most shots landing in the fairway. I hit three out of four fairways with the r7 Draw on my first nine.

Photos of TaylorMade irons from the last 35 years – GolfWRX

I will definitely buy a R7 Draw when I can find a good deal. So still trying to work it out. My guess is you have changed your angle trying to stay the same distance from the ball. I chose the draw bias not to correct a slice but to create a draw.

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TaylorMade R7 Game Improvement Irons Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

And waste of time and money especially if u have a natural fade. Sad but true… I went to a local driving range closed …. Before becoming a fire fighter i was an assistant super on a golf course and would play 40 to 50 rounds a year and I was a 6 handcap.

The iron range is an extension of it and they should definitely be on the hjstory list when r77 chosing a set of irons.


I also have the draw irons stiff graphite to go with the R7 Draw driver. I can give a basic guideline. Learn how your comment data is processed.

It would be interesting to see for tayllormade of the top brands. Design and Technology The TaylorMade r7 Draw is obviously designed for golfers who have trouble keeping the ball away from the right side of the golf course. They definitely get the ball into the air, I noticed a higher ball flight, and they land soft.

TaylorMade R7 Irons Review

Oh, those bring back memories. I tested a 9. Trying all sorts of slice killers etc….

Got the driver on Ebay 3BallsGolf. The r7 tay,ormade a deep clubface, and the grooveless sweet spot aided alignment. I had a pretty bad fade and hit it really low but now with a 9 degree R7 I hit it much higher and at least 25 to 30 yards further with a very slight fade.