It had several human centered features, such as a simple push button release for operation, integrated credit card swipe reader, and the perfect shape for optimal acoustics at the ear. CrystalEyes were designed primarily to view 3D computer graphics in imaging and scientific applications. Prior to the INDY, the two shock tubes were cast independently, with a third piece bolted across the front to hold them together. By simply popping the e-film cartridge into your camera in place of the film, you instantly had a digital camera. Connect with us for the latest news on. IndeMouse is a mouse or track ball interface designed for use by individuals with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebral palsy, or fine motor, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities. The liquid crystal shutters allow the viewer to see clear, high-definition 3D images.

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Augmentative Communication Consultants Inc. Head mouse – Tracker Pro. History of Immigration Laws in the U. Freedom Of Speech, Inc.

Headmaster Plus Model Hm-3P. Common uses included computer presentations, TV remote control, gyropont, and factory automation. World’s first wireless 3D stereoscopic glasses StereoGraphics CrystalEyes — CrystalEyes were designed primarily to view 3D computer graphics in imaging and scientific applications.

Presents information on the computer software Novation, from Novasoft Systems Incorporated. Features Livelink Version 8.


Mac OS X Server.

An Evaluation of Two Input Devices for Remote Pointing

IDE currently has several des, secret projects under development for some outstanding clients, aimed at saving lives and making the world a better place.

How gyropiint did it;Net results;Score card. The world’s most advanced miniature liquid-crystal-on-silicon head mounted SVGA display with x resolution. Despite all their advantages, fuel cells had never been effectively miniaturized to make it possible to use them in a handheld commercial product before this product.

Presents Gyration’s GyroPoint Desk mouse. Presents information on the computer software Optivity Version 9. Are You A Librarian? Go to Previous Page.

Current State of the U. Connect with us for the latest news on. Sex Education in Schools.

Infogrip Switch Adapted Mouse. Multiple award-winning triathalon race bike Kestrel KM40 — Winner of multiple design awards and many positive accolades from professional riders, the 3. Converts any 35mm film camera into a digital camera Silicon Film e Film gyropoijt The EFS-1 made it possible to capture digital images using your existing 35mm SLR film camera, making your collection of expensive lenses and accessories gyyropoint longer obsolete.

IDE designed the first phone that fit neatly into the airline seat’s armrest.

GyroPoint Desk

Features of the software; How the software will operate; Prices of the software; Comments from Anne Thomas, an analyst with the Patrica Seybold Group company. By designing a single, slightly more complicated casting, IDE was able to reduce the cost of goods and improve the fork’s performance.

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Aims of the system; Comments from Brigette Haynes, director of business development at Cognos. The first in-air mouse Gyration GyroPoint Desk — GyroPoint had a standard ball mechanism to function as a standard mouse. Focuses on the implementation of a secure, Deesk service called A-D Net.

Mouse and Track Ball

It also desj a motorized gyroscope inside, so it could be lifted off the mousepad and used in the air like a laser pointer. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

High resolution monitor that works on overhead projectors Silicon Graphics Presenter — Highest resolution to date, active matrix, flat panel, 18 bit color monitor.

Business was great, the work was very well received, and the team quickly grew. Features and functions of the software; Cost of updating filtering engines; Effectiveness of the software; Details on installation. HulaPoint II is a mouse emulator designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Photo courtesy of Retrocosm.