String how may i solve it? Hi, I just downloaded a book so I could learn more about cucumber etc. Take your graphics card. Solved it, found out that in my env. I am getting the fallowing error for all scrips. Any progress on the test app. Jesse, I would store them in the DataMagic file like this:

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Often, this is updaate what we want. Sorry for the noise. So when I run the rails s command the puppy site does not start. Instead, it points to them. It is totally internal to either watir or selenium and is not consistent from browser to browser.

The application is no longer able to insert into the tables.

Cucumber Ruby Testing

You can do browser. Thanks again Cantz C: Finally, set is the action to perform on that HTML element.

I would instead allow a route to handle all of this for me. Yes, I do see it when I run gem list: Hope you can help: The testing web site http: Is it possible that it is getting evaluated more than once? This book is full of hands-on programming exercises and I strongly suggest you do them all.


Please repost to https: Very good book for the beginners. Hi Cheezy, I have a test that works fine with Firefox web driver.

Diving into Watir

Was wondering if this may be the cause of not being able to run the testgen command above? I am still working watir–webdriver it but since I am using a free account there is not much help.

Waiting for your response updaet more excitement. Watir-WebDriver Watir is short for Web Application Testing in Ruby is a Ruby gem which allows you to automate your browser make it click a button, submit a form, wait for some text to appear before continuing, and so on. Also not sure why active support 3. Each select tag has option tags inside which are the options in the list.

PageFactory is included in my env. Hi, I try to Installing the puppy application on your computer.

Installing ruby with cucumber on a linux machine (Ubuntu) – Test Automation Wiki

I restarted the app and everything is fine now. Some developers had faster machines than others, or there was potentially network latency during various test runs. Best regards and many thanks in advance, Ana. If you want to simple click on a textarea you could do:.


Cucumber & Cheese

Did you add PageObject:: Adopting one puppy Given I am on the puppies adoption website when I ran the scenario got the fallowing error. If possible I would like to take advantage of a second quad core using Selenium Grid2.

In this case it will use the id to locate the unordered list when you call one of the generated methods. The application was crashed. Is it possible that the machine you are trying this on is not connected to the internet or is having some networking issues?