Case temperature” section in the data sheet. The necessary capacity for a snubber capacitor can be obtained with the following formula. This produces a temperature gap between them although NTC’s temperature will follow that of chip’s T j. This will reduce the contact thermal resistance. As for reference, a recommended turn-on resistance value R G on is twice or higher than that of the standard value from datasheet, and a recommended turn-off resistance value R G off is one to two times that of the standard value. The minimum temperature is specified by the storage temperature T stg.

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Please contact us with a model type number if it is not shown in the 6th-generation data sheet or if it is a product prior to the 6th-generation U-series, S-series. We do not sell presses or tools. How do I store semiconductor devices? The insulated substrate consists of a ceramic substrate, front-surface copper-foil pattern to create a circuit, and back-surface copper-foil to solder with a copper base.

What does PIM mean?

A bootstrap fujj is one that is composed of a control power supply to drive high-side IGBT. Refer to the “Maximum Ratings: Avoid soldering under excessive temperature.


This software can be downloaded here. VDA and VDN use different material for their insulating substrates, resulting in separate thermal resistance values.

The time required for the assembly process is reduced as connection is completed by pressing an IGBT module over PCB’s bate and applying pressure from the base side. There are two types of noise: For a welding device or medical equipment it might be necessary to use switching frequencies of 20 kHz or higher, therefore we recommend a high-speed standard 2in1 module or W-series gat IBGT.

Is the temperature T j represented by the NTC temperature?

Can I get a drawing of the internal chip layout to measure the case temperature T C? The optimum gate resistance value R G varies depending on the circuit configuration or operating environment used.

Fuji IGBTs – Semiconductors

This product series uses our company’s 6th-generation IGBT chip set. During this time period both devices are switched off. Relevant products are available on the market from Tyco Electronics Japan G. Operation below gtae temperature has not been evaluated, and any use below o C will void your warranty.

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Conventional IGBT elements are not capable of blocking a reverse-withstand voltage. Does this mean external resistance?

Fuji IGBT Gate Drivers – IGBT Drivers

PC k is the power cycle life for the k-th temperature rise. It represents an external resistance. What is the temperature difference between T j and NTC temperature?

We provide a free software to calculate IGBT’s temperature at 2-level inverter, 3-level inverter, and chopper circuits.

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A smaller gate resistance R G may cause a sudden surge voltage. Please contact any of these companies for details. What is a press-fit pin? Please guji Fuji Electric Corp. The voltage should never exceed this value. It is a voltage-controlled device that has an insulated gate with an oxide insulating film.

Please consider that there will be a reduced device withstand voltage and peripheral component capacitor, control circuit characteristics under low temperature before use. For this reason multiple modules can be placed on the same heat sink. Does Q G show temperature dependence?