Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Therefore, if you have a custom Receive Connector for applications, printers, or other devices, with Exchange you might want to create it on your Mailbox servers and not on the Client Access servers for this exact reason. It only effects exchange. This might happen if, for example, the active copy of the mailbox database recently moved to another server and the Transport service incorrectly transmitted a message to a Mailbox server that now holds an inactive copy of the mailbox database. For more information, see Foreign connectors. The event source was human intervention. Extra information associated with the source field.

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The email addresses of the message’s recipients. This field isn’t important in on-premises Exchange organizations.

Event ID – 340

Delivery reports for administrators: However, some fields may be blank, or the type of information in the field may change based on the message event type and the service that recorded the event. The status values are presented for the recipients in the same order as the values in the recipient-address field.

You can use message tracking for message forensics, mail flow analysis, reporting, and troubleshooting. The message transmission from the Mailbox Transport Submission service to the Transport service failed. Whenever an exchange site link cost is specified, it will use this instead of the site link cost specified in AD Sites and Services.


Exchange 2013 Mail Flow (Part 3)

A message was received by the SMTP receive component of the transport service or from the Pickup or Replay directories source: Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. When the Mailbox Transport Delivery service receives a message from the Transport service, it accepts or rejects the message for delivery to a local mailbox database as it can only deliver the message if the recipient exchaange in an active copy of a local mailbox database.

Notify me of new posts by email. Fields in the message tracking log files The message tracking log stores each message event on a single line in the log.

All approval requests sent to all moderators of a moderated recipient were undeliverable, and resulted in non-delivery reports NDRs. The message event type. The Categorizer picks up the e-mail from the Submission Queue, processes it and puts into a delivery queue based on the destination xource the message in this case, a mailbox database:.

Office Office Exchange Server. Exchange Transport Pipeline. The direction of the message. This means that your org limit will not apply for emails exchange between internal users.

When a user sends an e-mail, the Mailbox Transport Submission service resolves the message recipients to mailbox databases unless the recipient is a storeddriver group, for example by querying AD. The message tracking log is a detailed record of all activity as mail flows through the transport stotedriver on Mailbox servers and Edge Transport servers.


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Message Tracking Event ids |

Email Required, but never shown. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. FAIL Message delivery failed. The event source was Safety Net. Notify me of follow-up comments.

EventTracker KB –Event Id: Source: MSExchangeTransport

Administrators can use this Exchange Management Shell cmdlet to search the message tracking log for information about messages using a wide range of filter criteria. Internal emails work fine.

Example entries in the message tracking log An uneventful message sent between two users generates several entries in the message tracking log.

Circular logging deletes the oldest log files for a service when either of the following conditions are true:. Exchange uses AD Sites and Services site links to get a network topology of the environment.

Other messaging systems may use different syntax or values. Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. The recipient status for each recipient separated by the semicolon character .

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