Storage by Rick Broida Sep 13, Never force the door. Click on Set the robot control mode. Save all the original packing materials, including the accessory box, in case you need to ship or move the autoloader later. Door Closed 2 The second door sensor is on 1 or off 0. Select XModem as the protocol. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

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With the cover in place, the magazines can be stacked on top of each other to make the most efficient use of storage exbayte. Sequential mode is useful with software applications that support functions performed by the tape drive but not functions performed by the autoloader robotics. This screen shows whether the option is enabled 1 or disabled 0. Make sure each SCSI bus is properly terminated.

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Setting Bar Code Scanning Options If your autoloader is equipped with a bar code scanner, you can set options that determine when the autoloader scans all of the cartridge labels and whether the autoloader verifies checksum characters on the labels. Cartridges One or more data cartridges and a cleaning cartridge may be included. Enabling this option increases the amount of time the autoloader requires to complete POST power-on esabyte.


This includes inserting the cartridge into the tape drive if the robot was moving a cartridge to the tape drive. Figure Remote management utility — Tape Drive Statistics page Table describes the information on this page.

Figure Console Help screen Note: Environmental Parameters Max Altitude Operating. Cleaning Slot Cleaning Cycles Note: Act like your business depends on them Backups: If the cleaning was not successful, the cleaning material in the cartridge may be expended. Obtain a 2 Phillips screwdriver. Specify the destination element for the robot. Resetting the Autoloader and Tape Drive. These options, described below, are not affected by a reset or power cycle. The instructions assume that you are using the operator panel to set options.

Physical abuse or use not consistent with the operating instructions or product specifications. Sequence The sequence number of the event across all system buffers.

Show basket Hide basket. Uncheck the boxes, if necessary. Continuously Cycling an Axis To test a robot axis: If there is no reservation, this field is 0. Off Stops processing cartridges, displays a message indicating that sequential mode is done, and waits for operator intervention.


Inventory — View information for each cartridge location in the autoloader, including occupied status, bar code label information, and reservation status. If the autoloader and tape drive will share one bus, use a jumper cable to connect them, as shown in Figure Important The front door may be prevented from unlocking by the autoloader application.

Product manual | Exabyte 110L Ultrium Tape Drive

The parity setting remains in effect across power cycles. With access to as many as 10 data cartridge slots, the L can automatically take care of up to 2 weeks worth of daily backups.

Click on Access at the top of the page. To display additional screens, press the down arrow. The tape drive contains an automatic cleaning mechanism that allows it to clean itself as necessary. If the slot is empty, the robot picks the next cartridge in the magazine.

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