The name of the selected plot is displayed in the Active Marker Column above the plot’s displayed value. Delete Bookmarked captures only. If multiple plots are enabled for the signal, Quick Measurements will function on the selected plot. The visibility of the secondary waveform view can be toggled by a button on the main application tool bar. Zoom to active marker pair when already split or zooms to active marker and its last position.

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These signals will display an arrow at the end points. The conversion is performed automatically when the file is opened if permission is granted from the user. The menu icon for signals in WaveForm views now has a simple “gear” icon to be similiar to other option menus and provide digii less cluttered appearence.

This release implements a minor change in the automatic fan speed controller for Model DV Added new Double Speed mode to existing models. The measurement is always displayed for the ending Signal.

Additional minor updates are also included. Each Window will update and recalculate as needed.

Red Sky Global DigiView K11 User Manual

This feature can be disabled directly from the slideshow or re-activated from the help menu at any time. Set a default template to ddigi use when creating projects. Lardbeast 51 minutes ago. All menus in the application now have a title bar identifying the menu. Starting with Version 7.

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DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

User settings allow for halting, saving or skip-saving the capture based on match counts. Place marker at screen Centerif split the main marker or its compliment will be placed at the center whichever one was last active. This applies to any window that does not already utilize the Escape-Key for other functions i. All Digiview windows will be restored to the previous used monitor and the position on that monitor.

Our saving and restoring algorithms could incorrectly handle the channel bit masking, causing data to be displayed incorrectly. Files previously configured for a specific DigiView Analyzer or Analyzer capture mode can be opened and used with a different analyzer model.

This window will display the time between 2 selected markers or a marker and the Trigger point.

Scaling has been corrected throughout the application. Additional waveform views can be docked in any of the 6 docking points of the main window, Tabbed with other windows or remain independent for full screen viewing or placement on additional monitors. The selected measurements will recalculate and display only the measurements that apply to the Signal that is under the mouse as it moves in a Waveform Window. The application continued normally if the save and therefore closing was canceled.


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Keep Displayed capture and Delete the rest. Corrected an obscure error in the I2C parser that would only occur if a specific bit pattern was present in the very last sample of a capture.

Prior versions displayed simple fields for all decoded data except for I2C configurations.

Instant Measurements a. Pressing the Escape-Key will cancel and vjew most windows and dialogs throughout the application. Selecting a Window type from the list will create a new one that can be docked or left floating.

Tabular Views a. Corrected List Window Display. Additional measurements will display in a floating window when using the Quick Measurement feature with measurements dependent on the signal type. Correction – Exporting When using the “undecoded” raw export, or exporting a Boolean or Bus signal directly, the export would not function or export empty values. Additional configuration kk11 allow more customization without needing a custom plug-in.