If the connection has been configured to connect directly to a SequeLink service, the Connect to the SequeLink Server dialog box appears. The DistinguishedName DN attribute is required. Select the mode the end user will use to import these data sources; then, click Next. Refer to the SequeLink Developer’s Reference for information about data type mappings, and additional information about developing applications on UNIX. Empty string is the default value for attributes that use a string value unless otherwise noted. By default, SequeLink writes syslog messages to the ‘user’ facility. File data sources are data source files that can be stored on a file server, making the files available to any user who can access them.

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For more information about configuring authentication, refer to the SequeLink Administrator’s Guide. You can use the SequeLink Manager to create additional services based on the SequeLink service templates and to modify the default service attributes defined in the service templates:.

15 Configuring SequeLink® Services for Your Database

The file data source will be saved after you enter the correct information in the connection dialog boxes. Click the File DSN tab.

Specifies the host user name, which may be required depending on the server configuration.

When set to 1, output parameters are returned after a SQLExecute. Check these values or correct these values for your specific service when you encounter them in the next steps.


When set to 64, the result is a column name of C position where position is the ordinal position in the result set.

The SequeLink Client attempts to allocate a buffer of this size, which typically fails due to lack of memory. A string that optionally identifies the server data source to be used for the connection. When satisfied with your choice, click OK to close this dialog box and perform the translation. When set to 0 the initial defaultthe workaround is not enabled. Click Next and 55.

with Step 5. This tool should be made available to the SequeLink administrator only. Independent enclaves are used to represent new transactions that have not yet been associated with an address in the sysplex. The following sections describe how to add other services and datairect sources.

1 Using the ODBC Client

By default, SequeLink writes syslog messages to the ‘user’ facility. Type the name of a server data source configured for the SequeLink service to use for the connection, or click the For example, to point to the default location of the file in the C shell, you would set this variable as follows:. The fields change on dataddirect lower half of the screen to accommodate the information required to query an LDAP server for connection information.

If the password is not datavirect, the previously described dialog box appears, prompting only for the host user name and host password. The collection suffix is set when you configure the transaction isolation level of the data source SequeLink service attribute DataSourceTransactionIsolation. For installation instructions, please refer to the Sequelink Installation Guide.


See “ServiceEnvironmentVariable” for more information. This step is optional. If not specified, the configuration of the default server data source will be used for the connection. Not all SequeLink service attributes are defined in the templates. The Attribute Display window appears with the cursor positioned at the Value field of the attribute.

1 Using the ODBC Client

If you do not specify a port, the default port for LDAP will be used. The data source will be added to your local machine. Use the administration tool of your choice to create a new service. Network dispatcher optimizes performance by balancing traffic sequeoink multiple servers based on their current load.

Indicate whether you want to import the data sources in the data source file you just selected as User or System data sources; then, click Next.

Turns on a workaround for multiple transliteration workarounds. If specified and applicable to the connection, the SequeLink password change mechanism is invoked. Users can then add the database drivers, which link the application to the database systems of their choice. Type a unique name that identifies this ODBC data 3-2bit configuration.

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