The composite Sign Support is designed as a mounting post for Carsonite composite signs. The concave design will protect the decal from damage during vehicle contact. The fiberglass wall deters would-be vandals, excludes wildlife and hides unsightly equipment from growing neighborhoods. The combination of a colored post and a warning decal make the message extremely visible in areas of overgrown vegetation or if buried in the snow. This non-flexible marker can also serve as a mounting post for Aerial Markers or Composite Signs. Reset Cancel Submit Sending

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For high visibility and easy utilitj of underground utility lines, the Carsonite Utility Marker is the Perfect choice. Made from a thermoplastic elastomer, the LineMarker is durable, tough and impact resistant.

The decal vinyl substrate is specifically designed for use in outdoor applications. Carsonite Quality Carsonite products maintain a standard of quality that exceed customer specifications.

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Fully impregnated color and resistance to rust, rot, and corrosion are just a few benefits this product offers over wood or metal. Rigorous testing ensures color fastness, flexibility, tensile strength and durability. Ideal for marking underground utilities and right of ways. The system lets you design non-conductive barriers, including gates, door assemblies and other features to fit your specific needs. Two flat surfaces are provided for any decal application needed.



Made from a thermoplastic elastomer, the marker delivers carsobite of the advantages of the original LineMarker but at a lower price. The top of the anchor should be driven at least 1″ below ground level. The Perma-Post can also survive controlled ditch burns. The bracket assembly allows for quick and easy attachment to the pedestal without drilling, thus eliminating potential damage to pedestal contents.

White, Yellow, Orange, Blue. The most flexible marker available.

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The company in known worldwide for its fiber-reinforced composites and development of cost-effective marking products for highway, utility and recreation industries. Carsonite’s VaporGuard protects pipelines from the hazardous effect of moisture and gas build up and fits both the Flat Top and LineMarker. A special Utility Marker introductory kit is available.

Alternating color schemes and an elevated position ensure optimal visibility.

Carsonite Pedestal Markers are flexible and durable in harsh weather conditions. For clear identification of pipeline routes in flat or open terrain, rural and agricultural areas, the Carsonite High Visibility Panel Marker is the ideal choice.

PermaPost Utility Marker

A highly visible marker, the Carsonite Visi-Post is designed for applications where o visibility is required. Perfect for dual-sided identification of direct buried utility services, the Dual-Sided Utility Marker has a cross sectional profile with a flat central web to which a recessed warning message may carsonits applied.

Because it’s virtually impossible to remove without proper equipment.

Available carsobite or without a Carsonite LineMarker Post Carsonite test stations provide test points for monitoring electric currents and potentials. Because of the high flexibility, the Curv-Flex occasionally requires a small pilot hole in certain soil conditions before installation. Improving highway and roadway safety As a leader in composite highway safety products, Carsonite provides a variety of delineators, markers and accessories for use along highways, roadways, busy thoroughfares and on neighborhood streets.


Send Us Your Feedback. Carsonite offers carxonite and custom signs and graphics for use on busy highways, in school zones, on commercial properties, above buried utility lines, and in parks and recreation areas.

Carsonite model CIP Utility Sentry Marker

Carsonite decals are expertly applied at no extra charge to save you time and money. Reset Cancel Submit Sending The Perma-Post can also be adapted for use as a cathodic protection test station or bonding and grounding pedestal marker. Carsonite markers, parking and traffic signs, flexible fence and other products are highly visible, corrosion resistant, and durable.

The sign and post are pre-drilled at the factory for utilihy assembly and installation. RetroFit Enhancer Carsonite’s RetroFit Enhancer is a fast, easy and cost-efficient solution to update company information on utility markers and avoid federal fines.