The archive contains three files: This is a problem mostly occurring in Win XP. It’s actually got three operating systems on call:. SYS, the issue disappeared. Many of these “hits” I have already triedd.

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Any approach you take aspl going to be some work to get it all working Three drivers and one executable are needed. Writes with DOS on FAT filesystems are typically cca 3 times slower than reading, can be worse in some cases depending from FAT subversion, cluster size, and block size used by the application.

Useful Dos Files

Of course a slow hard disk used as source or destination for copying will also ruin the managger. EXE to fit the above files. Concluding remarks So there it is.

What is important – the modules for input devices mouse, keyboard and joystick and printers are fully working ready for every day use and transparent to DOS so everything works like normal legacy devices.

What was going on?? License is unclear and there is almost no documentation.


JohnWillApr 12, One thing to note is that if it is a speed issue then a very fast machine say a P4 still might spit the dummy, even with the CDROM driver “delay” as introduced. Recent Comments Forum is back again. Here’s what mine looks like Probably the most interesting module is the USB disk driver, provided as.


My disk-imaging Celeron My disk imaging computer is not networked in any way. Figures 3 and 4 shows segments of the scripts above in action. Given hardware differences these techniques and drivers might not work for you It implements only read access, no write support yet.

SYS itself is English.

I know its not the device its detecting because this device is the same HDD that gets detected all the time. Bart’s PE is another way to go. The lowlevel part is called sbp2aspi and the highlevel nj32disk. Do you already have an account? But obtaining much less in not that uncommon and can have various reasons:. As both computers are right manaager to each other on my desk, the simplest way to share files is to use a removable USB mangaer drive.

My disk imaging computer is not networked in any way.

I second the motion on Bart PE. Trust me I don’t ask many “google it and see” questions. Also, the only way to ensure reasonable speed with my Windows XP SP3 install on this Mhz Celeron computer is to have all network services disabled.

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It is not only the mass storage driver but general low level driver xspi USB devices with various addons which support special devices like storage, printers, mouse, keyboard etc. That information can be found on the Internet or in the linked zip files. Download the drivers to a sensible place in the Win 98SE partition. It is fine that it supports hot-plugging not partially but completely and you can change one flashdisk to another.

Need DOS based USB driver. | Tech Support Guy

They are supposed to managet only with some specified hardware by one manufacturer. JohnWillApr 22, So there it is. I’ve tried to keep the instructions simple but, depending on how familiar you are with MS-DOS and Windows 98, some background reading may be required.