And no, I wouldn’t want to pay for a driver for a hardware product I bought, even if I know development is hard work. Not satisfied with those reviews? There are a number of nice MIDI interfaces out there, but those made by Emaigc seem to be superior because of their great build and versatility. Youre essentially asking someone to give you licenced software for free, if the driver isnt open source. Glad to hear that Our members also liked:

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Emagic AMT8 8×8 USB Midi Interface VGC

I normally completely forget about it being there, it is that good: Fri Dec 05, Last time I sold a synth through my favorite retailer, I bought an electric bass with the money instead of a software because I’m fed up to buy things that I cannot use anymore two years later Mon Nov 26, 2: This product is no longer manufactured.

Miei in Become a member.

The Unitor8 units have some extra timing features like smpt but, I don’t know much about that. The price isn’t bad at all, so if you need an eight channel MIDI interface, I wouldn’t hesitate to mdi one of these up Thu Nov 03, 6: So only consider buying this if you’re running Apple Logic.


Mine is probably close to 15 years old, but still works great. This may be an issue with Leopard, as you say it worked perfectly with It also has the ability to work in stand alone mode, so you don’t have to run your synths through a DAW, but have direct access to your MIDI devices. Fri Dec 05, 5: Good luck, and let us know if you have any news Sun Dec 07, 2: The Unitor drivers are a part of OSX.

Tue Apr 29, 1: Amtt8 has a few different models out there, including the Unitor 8which also is a great MIDI interface.

This is a driver to make a piece of hardware, that I paid money for, run–not a piece of intellectual property. Sat Dec 06, This thing is well over 15 years old I believe.

Reliable gear but only consider this if you’re running Apple Logic.

User reviews: Emagic AMT8 – Audiofanzine

Jesus, don’t be such a reverse snob? I never had a problem with it, it never gets too hot and it just works Fortunately there is a solution for this My three Emu E4 samplers are in storage at the moment.


And by the way, I’m interested if you find the drivers for amt4 for my mac book pro! A Big Toilet Called Berlin. Sat Dec 29, 6: Sat Jan 28, 3: Not satisfied with those reviews?

Tue May 29, 3: The one I need is 1. Fri Dec 05, 9: You need this pref pane to program the Nidi interface for stand alone mode.