In terms of expansion and ports, G is largely predictable. Thanks to Corsair for providing us with memory for our testing. Despite that, it boasts a healthy 2. When enabled, Hybrid Graphics links the IGP with the discrete card and shares the rendering load between them. We delve into architectural detail to see what’s new in these animals. Once linked, the two GPUs work together, theoretically boosting overall system performance. Then again, AMD seemed pretty damn confident about the Phenom quad-core processor in the lead up to launch late last year.

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Dell returns vvideo the stock market after six years. Customize The Tech Report But otherwise our video encode and professional rendering tests pumped out results within spitting distance of what you’d expect from a high performance motherboard running the same CPU.

The new chip is, however, much more of an evolutionary step forward than a revolutionary new design. All tests were run three times, and their results were averaged. Well, the vido news is that 3D grunt remains pretty dire.

To put it another way, AMD reckons the this chipset is capable of offload much if not all of the work involved in decoding high definition movie disks from the CPU. SB offers 12 USB 2. The key components include AMD’s latest mainstream G motherboard chipset, complete with fully DirectX 10 compliant integrated graphics, and a new low-power variant of its Athlon 62 X2 dual-core CPU.


780G Drivers & Support

Even under peak 780b load it tops out at Watts. That’s the 7880g quality crushed to a blurry mush. It’s a super snazzy Windows-based overclocking tool that shows the industry just how this sort of thing should be done.

Could this be the ultimate low power, ultra small form factor home theatre motherboard? At idle the entire platform – chipset, graphics core, CPU, memory, the lot – consumes just 53 Watts.

Support for discreet graphics is provided by 16 full speed PCI Express 2.

Which, frankly, is fine given that the board already has pretty much all you’ll ever need. We get to grips with the alpha, to see if it has the potential to be the media centre we’re looking for.

Of course, the drivers for the AMD G are newer and different; from what we can tell, their version numbers 8.

AMD’s G integrated graphics chipset |

For Great high-definition feature set Includes hardware Blu-ray decode Extremely low power consumption. No, you’re not reading that wrong – Zotac is the first with the new Nvidia integrated graphics chipset for Intel CPUs.

To fill out our G35 Express board, we have a dual-core Pentium E that costs about as much as the e should when it touches down on store shelves. Memory support takes in various flavours and speeds of DDR2.


Steam names the best-selling games of How does it stand up to the mighty AMD G chipset? Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. We’ll explore the real-world impact of the pairing later in the review after taking a look at AMD’s new southbridge. Is it worth the upgrade from G and how does it compare to a discrete HD ?

On a more serio Quiet, compact and yet extremely capable. Realtek ALCA with 1. DDR2 prices have hit rock bottom. Again, it’s a slight upgrade from the SB that used to be found with the G. But if the combined grunt of the G chipset and e CPU is unexciting, try this for size.

We get behind the details to find 7880g what’s new and if it’s worth the upgrade. Chipsets Previous page Next page. Additional game tests were run with a Radeon HD graphics card on each board and in a Hybrid CrossFire configuration with the Vdieo.