Just wanted to say thanks for this review. Golf Digest even singled out the Alpha C Reduction of torque means less turning of the clubface and a much straighter ball flight. Senior Regular Stiff X-Stiff. Because misses high on the clubface of a deep-faced club typically produce an acceptable ballflight, drivers in the recent years have gone deeper and deeper. I have owned the Alpha

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What length should I select? I can see why Golf Digest rated the C Now what a club!.

Alpha C Plasma LX Driver, Alpha Golf Drivers

What flex should I select? Stop paying retail prices ever again! Trademarks used on this site are the property of the named companies and are used for reference and comparison only. Bought it off ebay and tried it for a couple of games. Something I like to do is take a few full waggles and practice swings to get a feel for the stiffness of the shaft and the weight throughout the swing.

Alpha Reaction Golf C830.2 Titanium Drivers

Well, I was wrong… and it nearly is: Or anyone else for that matter, my roommate was hitting it way better than his driver first time hitting it too. Golf Digest even singled out the Alpha C It is the first driver allowing you to customize the award-winning Alpha head with any and all shaft flexes.


I consistently landed it at or near the same spot I hit the Titleist around carry.

Available in right hand lofts: Reduction of torque means less turning of the clubface and a much straighter ball flight. The standard information including loft, and clubhead size is stamped on the bottom for your reading pleasure. Graphite 45″, Men’s Std.

The flight was not high, but with the ball speed it did not matter 8c30.4 it still carried, and despite the wet ground, ten days of rain! Share this with your golf buddies: I was around with my Ping G5. Alpha has been a large player in a secondary market.

Available in left hand lofts: This club is definitely worth a shot not only for its performance, but for its price as well. This club should be one of the first clubs you try, not the last.

After spending a few months with the C Very pleased and highly recommend this driver with an xs shaft for anyone who wants to get huge and start competing!


The finish on the Alpha is cleaner and sleeker than polished granite. I hit the 9. Look and Feel The Alpha C I talked about the shaft being similar to my current driver as well.

An Allen wrench tightens the shaft as if it was originally bonded. The Callaway takes the rounded look a bit too far, but the C Notify me of new posts by email.

Alpha C830.4 Plasma LX Long Driver

This similarity was confirmed when I hit the first drive with the Alpha. What grip size should I select?

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