How do your voltages check out in the bios? Captainpabst Ars Praefectus Tribus: I left the case open the first time I ran the system and fan was working fine. Originally posted by Pete: Mon Nov 18, I don’t think there’s a big benefit to using them, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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After I took it in, I did some more searching around on the web for some solutions, in case the techs can’t solve the problem, but none of them seem to yell “Do this and aaudio will all click”. Why on earth did Ars recommend this board??? Sat Nov 16, 3: You’ve got choices from on the FSB.

details for asus a7nvm rev

a7n266m It’s interesting, I boot from the install CD, but the installer then says it can’t detect the cdrom. I assume booting to a stripped down configuration works fine? I see that you have auido W PS, but the power could be dodgy anyway. I would try installing Windows or XP and see if it likes that better. DRAM pins to the left.

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The “Cable select” thing was just a suggestion I saw on the web. I got the same MB a week or so ago. Mon Nov 18, 6: You won’t see the PSU or chassis fans in Asus Probe if they’re not connected to a three-pin power adapter on the motherboard. PC is audil PC that can run overclocked as I understand it.

Is the board ok with other versions of Windows, or in another OS? It should still run. It took time, but I found out about the correct way to set the CPU: Sun Nov 17, 8: I cut that wire with an Xacto knife and used a conductive pen to short the right and middle spots as if it actually had a jumper.

Not too many other options are left It is humiliating to take your computer in for repairs when you have been building your own systems for years.

It doesn’t matter they aren’t showing up under the ASUS probe. Nov 6, Posts: Here they are in no particular order of quality: Mon Nov 18, Mon Nov 18, 8: Tried to take the CPU back, but the store tested it supposedly and said it was fine.


That is a totally stripped down config, nothing else installed. Mon Nov 18, 3: I tried Ajdio 8. Why on Earth did you set anything to Cable Select?

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What CPU cooler are you using? Originally posted by Pete: Replace dead CPU fried due to bad jumper setting 2.

I didn’t see any problems with contact. Got windows to install.