Surely it makes sense to use a good quad-core so that one can be sure higher resolution tests are not limited by CPU issues? Ideally, a quarter of the GPU heat is blown out of the housing, whereas the rest bounces around within the case. Well, there’s only one way to find out and that’s by moving forward. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. Who is interested in the Green cards anymore?

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Passively Cooled and Overclocked Page 2: As for the ATI Radeon HDostensibly a more expensive chipset, it trades blows with the but fails to land a killer punch. The additional cooling encouraged Palit to increase the memory speed from the MHz standard to 1, MHz.

Four GeForce 9600 GT Cards Compared

As soni all Sonic models from Palit this card comes out with an increased core and memory clocks so we’ll just have to see how it goes today against the competition. Sparkle Fan Page Episode 2 Page Who is interested in the Green cards anymore? Speaking of which, if one is going to bother testing with games like Crysis, why only use a dual-core?

However, there is only a small opening in the slot cover for warm air. First up, the shader count weighs in at 64 streaming units. It’s clearly got some stand out features; what are they? We had a look at the Galaxy card just last week and we can conclude that the card isn’t your standard mid-range performer.


World in Conflict v1.

Passively Cooled and Overclocked. But the GT is what we have.

The also receives the latest revision of Nvidia’s PureVideo 2D video acceleration core. Palit equips the Sonic version with 1 GB of DDR3 graphic memory, which hardly gives you any advantage when sonc resolutions of up to x pixels 960g0t anti-aliasing AA. As ever PureVideo is dependent on software player support from the likes of Cyberlink and Intervideo.

Palit are back at it again with another Sonic model, and in this case it comes in the form of a GT which has just been released. Ideally, a quarter of the GPU heat is blown out of the housing, whereas the rest bounces around within the case. Subscribe to our newsletter. But before we check that out, we of course need to have a look at the package and card which should prove to be very good.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. What’s more, while we’re not normally huge fans of SLI due to its historically inconsistent performance, we grudgingly concede the is capable of some extremely healthy multi-GPU scaling.


The memory chips are not cooled on both sides. Asus Software Page 5: A special feature here is the large number of connectivity options.

Overall, just more proof that the naming scheme for the 9xxx series was crazy. There is an internal audio connection via a SPDIF cable and Palit puts an optical audio port on the slot cover as well. Remaining space is blocked by the additional monitor connectors.

How many polys per frame typically? Why don’t we have any ATI ? In many ways what we’d really like to see is a new high end chipset to restore balance to the universe and relieve the congestion towards the top of the market.

XpertVision GeForce GT Sonic –

Except, that is, in terms of performance. In the overall results of our test suite, you can see an increase in performance of only 0. Overall Performance Comparison Page