This innovative solution optimizes the Black ink density for various media types, dramatically improving the final print quality. Kodak is a trademark of Eastman Kodak Company. Traditional Photo Paper, 44″ x 15 m C13S Write a review dbtcdzavcxsweswsxawccrwvfqezrctxwbstws. Furthermore, they are expected to reduce gloss differential as a result of their high-gloss microcrystal encapsulation technology. Cold Press Bright 24″x 15m C13S

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Enhanced Synthetic Paper Roll.

Epson 11880 Information

Furthermore you’ll greatly increase productivity because the printer allows replacement of ink cartridges on the fly, even during the middle of a print job. Traditional Photo Paper, 24″ x 15 m C13S Use Code LC20 at checkout.

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Bond Paper 1180 90, mm x 50m C13S New to calibration New user has Epson Stylus Pro and is requesting recommendations for using profiles, and how to calibrate her monitor to match the printer.

Let’s analyze the things you should know about this Epson printer if you are a business owner currently shopping the marketplace. Premium Luster Photo Paper. This latest generation of ink technology utilizes High-density pigments for an extremely wide color gamut, while the Vivid Magenta pigments provides improved representation of extreme blues and purples.

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Epson Stylus Pro Printer 64″ Large Format – FotoClub Inc

This eliminates the need for internal calibration devices since Epson evaluates and adjusts each printer’s performance at the manufacturing stage bit Printer Driver The Epson bit printer driver gives the Stylus Pro printers the ability to work in an entirely bit workflow on Apple Macintosh OS X operating systems.

Traditional Photo Paper, 64″x 15m C13S Furthermore, the use of three levels of black ink provides neutral or toned black-and-white prints with impressively high density levels and virtually no metamerism or bronzing.

I give this printer 4. No Longer Available Update Location close. Previous Page 1 of 0 Next. We have rounded up and curated the best printer reviews, YouTube videos, forum discussions and more on the net. The most influential printmakers in the fine art printmaking business are already planning how they are going to implement this printer into their businesses.

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You can unsubscribe at any time with a click on the link provided in every Epson newsletter. Despite the minor successes of HP and Canon as a result of their entry into this niche, Epson has still gained market share. Product Highlights Max Resolution: Epson Stylus Pro Inkjet Printer 64″.

And, epspn combined with the Epson AccuPhoto HD screening technology you’ll be able to print with at an astonishing resolution of x dpi, and obtain extremely accurate fine color blends and photographic transitions.


Rather than discuss every single feature of the Epsonlet’s focus on the key features that set it apart from the crowd.

The fact is, you are making an investment into a wide format printer for your business, and any smart investor knows that the extra four inches may come in handy some day when you get a large print job and are able to go “two-up”, or print both side by side, at the same time.

Discussion regarding advantages and drawbacks of the Epson Stylus Pro and the Not yet an Epson partner? Hot Press Bright 17″x 15m C13S We respect your privacy. Please call us for pricing and to place orders. Plan ahead and buy one with your purchase Doubleweight Matte Paper Roll.

Hot Press Natural 44″x 15m C13S It also incorporates a front-loading, straight-through path capable of handling fine art paper and heavyweight media up to 1.